Hack Facebook Account With SET Toolkit in kali Linux

hack facebook account set tool kit

Hack Facebook Account With SET Toolkit

Welcome back guys, today in this post i am going to show you how to hack facebook account with SET tool kit. please note that social engineering toolkit doesn’t exploit any vulnerability it exploits human element of security.

You can use SET tool kit to hack facebook account or for any type of website.

Here I am using Kali Linux as an attacker machine.

so lets start our work. 🙂 and follow me step by step.

  • Just start your SET tool kit in Kali linux by using this command ” setoolkit “. Then you will get this screen as shown in image.

hack facebook account with set toolkit

  • Now press 1 and enter, here we are going to use website vectors attack and then press 3 for credential harvester method.
  • Now press 2 for site cloner and it will give you the option to add your Ip address.
  • Hack Facebook account set tool kit
  • just add your Ip address you can find you IP address by ifconfig command. Here we are going to clone a facebook.com follow these steps as shown below.

Hack Facebook account set tool kit

  • just enter all these things and press [enter].
  • Yeah, our set tool kit process is starting.
  • As I already told you SET tool kit didn’t exploit any vulnerability but it exploit humans element of security. Give you Ip address to the victim and use social engineering when he/she will open our ip address then our phishing page will open and login then you get an id password. For example i am opening attacker ip address  on my windows.

Hack Facebook account set tool kit

After login of victim the password will save in “/var/www” directory.

Note:This technique will work on only same network but if you want to access any where then you can use secure tunneling on port number 80 by using ngrok, pagekite e.t.c

please Don’t try for illegal purposes this is for educational purpose only. If anything happens than I am not responsible.

Author: Ahmed Raza Memon

I am 17 years old Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester, Web Security Expert and Exploit Writer From the India. My area of expertise includes Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Assessment, Information Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, Web Application security, Source Code Reviews, Forensic Investigation and Cyber Law. I have been Acknowledged by many top companies like Microsoft, Apple, SAP, AOL, Sony and many More...

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