How To Access Your LocalHost Any Where

Access Your LocalHost Any Where

How To Access Your LocalHost Any Where

You have spent a lots of hour on your system and setting up CMS. Your CMS is Perfectly setup with Nice look and sample post and you want to test on any other mobile device and tablets also your client wants to test it out but you don’t have time to migrate to public server then you can to give them a quick demo then you can show them on your localhost itself without using webhosting you can access your localhost any where.

How is it possible to access your localhost any where ?

It is possible through a secure tunneling services such as

  1. Ngrok
  2. PageKite
  3. Forward
  4. ProxyLocal
  5. Browser Stack

These are the sevices which provide a secure tunnel from the internet to your PC. They Provide a publically access url and forward it to your localhost system.

So lets start our main work.

Here i am using ngrok you can download ngrok from their official website.

  • First Extract ngrok on your desktop.
  • Type win+r and type cmd and hit enter.
  • go to desktop using cd command.

access localhost anywhere

  • Now we will Forward port 80. Use this command to forward ngrok http 80. when you enter this command it will show a new screen in you command prompt as shown in below image. But first start your Wamp/xamp.

Access Your LocalHost Any Where

Yeah now we got a secured tunnel just open your forwarding url and you can access your localhost any where.

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