How to find sql vulnerable website easily

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How to find sql vulnerable website easily

Hello guys in this post I will show you how you can find a lots sql vulnerable website in by single dork using automated tool but I recommended you to find manually. Many of the newbie don’t get vulnerable site easily to inject so in this tutorial they can be able to  find  sql vulnerable website easily.

So in this tutorial we will use SQL DB if you don’t have SQL DB then you can download it from google.

  • Launch SQL DB and in the left position you will see search option.

sql vulnerable site

  • just enter your dork. here the best feature of this tool is it has the option of search engine by which search engine you wanna use and the another one is Deep scan and proxy.
  • when you start search using your dork then it will start scanning.
  • now scanning started here you can see many of the multiple tab such as proxy, vulnerable e.t.c
  • just click on that vulnerable and it show you the list of sql vulnerable website

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