Sql Injection – Inject A Site When Commas Are Blocked

Sql Injection – Inject A Site When Commas Are Blocked

Inject A Site When Commas Are Blocked

In this tutorial I will show you how to Inject a site when commas are blocked. Injecting a site when commas are blocked is too easy.

There are many methods to bypass commas in sql injection.

# Method 1

By putting , in comment like

union select 1/*!,*/ 2/*!,*/ 3


union select 1/*,*/ 2/*,*/ 3

# Method 2

We can use CHAR(44). CHAR value is the Ascii value of Comma. After regular commas are strip out by WAF those as CHAR may remains.

union select 1,CHAR(44), 2,CHAR(44), 3

# Method 3

We can use command join.

(select 1)a join (select 2)b join (select 3)c

# Method 4

Escaped-encoding/URL encoding (or sometimes referred to as percent-encoding) is a method of representing characters within an URL that may need special syntax handling to be correctly interpreted. This is achieved by encoding the character to be interpreted with a sequence of three characters. It consists of the percentage character % followed by the two hexadecimal digits representing the octet code of the original character. For example, the US-ASCII character set represents a comma with octet code 44, or hexadecimal 2C. Thus its URL-encoded representation is %2C.

union select 1%2C 2%2C 3

# Method 5

we can replace the comma with %82.

union select 1%82 2%82 3

# Method 6

Sometimes this basic URL-encoding attack might not work, however you can circumvent the WAF by double URL-encoding the blocked character(s). In the double-encoded attack the % character in the original command is itself URL-encoded in the normal way (as %25) so that the double-URL-encoded value of comma (%2C) is %252C.

union select 1%252C 2%252C 3

Thanks for reading guys. Now my next tutorial will be on bypassing white spaces. keep sharing and learning 🙂

Author: Ahmed Raza Memon

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